Intergenerational Homeshare Seeker

(Found a place to live. No longer looking.)

Have you heard of intergenerational homesharing? Well, I’m seeking a homesharing arrangement. This means I’m looking to rent a room and share a household with an older adult. There are agencies and companies that facilitate matching home seekers with home sharers, but not (yet) in Boise. So I’m going about the process independently. As a single middle-aged guy, I’m motivated to do so for two main reasons. First, renting a room is an affordable housing option. Second, by sharing a household with an older person I give them and their family a sense of security and support that promotes greater independence, longevity and well being.

From January 2016 until June 2019 I lived with a woman named Frieda who is now 102. She could not drive or cook, and had a failing memory, but she could get around the house without any trouble. Frieda was capable of being alone for extended periods. She had two daughters in Boise who visited her regularly. I was interviewed by Frieda and her daughters. We determined I would be great housemate for Frieda and they offered to allow me to live in Frieda’s home. My role in the household was mostly that of a housemate and companion. I was not paid anything for looking after Frieda. Living with Frieda was a very meaningful and fulfilling experience that taught me a mature reliable companion housemate can really be a great supplement or alternative to in home care for an older adult.

I recognize that older adults are sometimes vulnerable to being taken advantage of so I want to establish a structured and trusting arrangement. I can provide references and complete a background check. I work full-time days as a psychiatric technician. I am not a home health professional.

Here are links to a couple of documents that can help us decide how to proceed if your are interested. The one titled “Josh Rychert Personal Information and Housing Preferences” contains personal information that could help a potential homesharer decide if we are compatible. Please keep in mind that I’m flexible on these preferences.

The other titled “Formal Home sharing Agreement Template” is a document that can be used if necessary to formalize how the arrangement is structured. I downloaded this form from

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or advice on other places to make inquiries.


Josh Rychert


Me and Frieda

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